Steps to Appraisal

Steps Taken To A Finished Appraisal Report

A. Viewing:

1. Inspect and study the actual item or items being appraised. We arrange to meet at the location (home or office) where the pieces are or we have the items brought to our office for viewing.
2. A photographic record is made along with all physical details and measurements.
3. All information pertaining to the item including provenance is documented.

B. Research:

Bremner’s has access (worldwide) to past and current sales records and auction records of art, antiques, furniture, jewellery, collectibles, ceramics – actually, any and all personal property items.
The records are studied and evaluations are arrived at by using comparables and by knowing the dollar values from past sales.

C. Consulting:

When required, Bremner’s will consult with their network of experts.

D. Finished Report:

The valuation (Appraisal) is arrived at and a written appraisal report is created....principles of valuation are adhered to, throughout the process.
The photographic records accompany the written report.

E. Cost of the report:

Most important, the fee is not contingent upon the value of the items. The time spent and the research undertaken and the gathering of support documentation is the basis for the cost.

Terms of Payment

Bremner's Appraisal Services accepts a variety of payment methods including cash, cheques, bank transfers and most major credit cards. Payment by credit card may be processed through our PayPal account via the link below:

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